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Wondering where to begin?

You are a foreigner who wants to buy a property in Spain. In this purchase you are also curious to your mortgage possibilities. With a country with different laws and an unknown Spanish language it is difficult to get everthing clear. Where to start? No need to worry, we got it all covered for you.

Professional advice for you!

It is important to prepare yourself well on the purchase of a property in Spain. From our office in Valencia we are ready to help you with a mortgage at a Spanish bank. For non-residents we organise the financial matter of the purchase. We translate your financial documents to Spanish, do the negotiations for the best deal and take care of the whole application. Because of years of experience we are the perfect party to guide you through the process.

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Apply for a mortgage at a Spanish bank!

Step 1. Check the possibilities

It is important to prepare yourself well. Therefore you can make use of our free application form. Within an hour on working days you will receive a mortgage calculation. In this quote you can find the monthly costs and other conditions of your possibilities. We are happy to listen to your wishes in order to give personal advice. In this way you know exactly what to expect!

Step 2. Gathering documents

Together we are going to organise your mortgage file. Download the requested documents in a personal digital app. We will present the completed application at one of the banks of our network. Our aim is to receive the best conditions for your profile. At this first step of the mortgage application we will invoice the first 50% of our fee. Not you, but we are going to negociate for the best deal. As promised, we will take care of everything!

Step 3. Agreement to finance!

Within 7 to 10 working days we generally receive a mortgage offer of our bank. The mortgage is accepted based on your personal financial situation. The next step is to open the bank account at the bank which provides the mortgage. As you are applying for a mortgage through ‘Mortgage in Spain’ you can organise this from your own country. The personal identification is not necessary, which saves you a lot of money (flight tickets/hotel). We would like to make it as comfortable as you want!

Step 4. Valuation of the property

The mortgage offer of the Spanish bank is based on your financial situation and the Spanish property. Therefore the bank wants to do a valuation on the property. An independent company will execute the valuation. The mortgage is always based on the lowest value of the property, this is either the purchase price or the value of the valuation of the property. After the valuation, an official quotation can therefore be provided by the bank! After discussing the official offer you will receive the invoice of our second fee from us.

Step 5. Enjoy your new home in the Spanish sun!

We are in close contact with the bank, estate agent and notary regarding this final phase. You transfer the additional amount on the purchase sum to your Spanish account. After this a date is scheduled for the completion of the property and the mortgage at the notary. Keep in mind that things always have to be arranged last-minute. It is and remains the country of Spain! After this completion you can start enjoying your dream house in Spain. Felicidades!

Looking for 100% approval? Do a pre-scan!

It is of high importance to prepare yourself well on the purchase of your Spanish property. Do you want to have certainty regarding the mortgage? Get yourself a pre-scan at a Spanish bank. We can already start the process, even without a Spanish property in mind. With the completed and translated file we can check if you are eligable for a mortgage in Spain. It brings a lot of comfort, according to the experience of our customers. You are already known at a Spanish bank and therefore, when you have found a property to buy, the mortgage can be arranged quicker. Sounds great right?